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Hello, my name is Daniella Perera and I live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I grew up in Hong Kong and the UK, and I’m of mixed heritage including Chinese, Sri-Lankan, Dutch and Portuguese.

My background is in Molecular Genetics with French, as well as International Real Estate. For about a decade I worked as a commercial surveyor, but I never felt it was my true calling. Eventually I gave it up to embark on a more creative journey. I am now an artist, YouTuber and voiceover talent.

My Values

 I deeply value preserving historical buildings, sustainability through thrifting, a love for dogs, healthy eating and appreciating nature. These values are woven into my videos and artwork.


Previous collaborations include Aloha Cycle Club, Rubberduck Cafe, Tribeca, The Artisan Haus, Stickerrific, Ilham Gallery and Museum Het Schip.

Daniella Perera illustrator profile photo
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