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Wildlife of Namibia Romper Suit

For this project, I really wanted to capture the diversity of the wildlife in Namibia and to showcase some of the animals that don't usually get the limelight (e.g. gemsbok, wildebeest etc). This repeat pattern depicts 13 animals including the cheetah, elephant, gemsbok, giraffe, black-backed jackel, lion, meerkat, ostrich, rhino, rock hyrax, springbok, cape ground squirrel and the wildebeest. I also chose to paint this in a monotone palette to remove the distraction of colour, and help focus the eye on the unique attributes of each animal. 

Method & materials: Animals hand painted in Holbein watercolours

Client: N/A Personal project

Other Monochromatic Animal Patterns

'Animals down under' includes illustrations of the wallaby, cassowary, Tasmanian devil, kookaburra, koala, kangaroo, dingo, echidna, albatross, macrotis, numbat and platypus.

'Canadian Wildlife' includes illustrations of a moose, elk, black bear, Canadian goose, cougar, beaver, gray wolf, bighorn sheep, willow ptarmigan, pika, Canada lynx and marmot.  

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