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Learning how to sew again

Midway through doing a mini mindfulness course, I was reflecting on what I liked doing most as a child. I realised it was all about physically creating things with my hands from marbling, weaving, making paper, beaded paintings, pompoms – literally the list goes on and on! So in the month of July, I decided to get out and try some new classes starting with a beginners tote bag sewing class at De Steek.

As I entered De Steek, I’m not going to lie - I found it very intimidating! Seeing people using the sewing machines and cutting out fabric made me think that everyone was pro, and I was the silly newbie. Turns out everyone wasn’t pro, and I quickly realised it wasn’t even about that. In fact it was humbling to see both guys and girls really focused on making something, and there was a very open and friendly atmosphere.

Over the course of 3 hours, I found it surprisingly refreshing to be able to ask questions and get my problems solved on the spot. In fact, I think this is where I’ve gone wrong in the past. I used to have a sewing machine at home, but it drove me so insane that I gave it away (I regret this now)!

De Steek has definitely reignited my interest in sewing. Whilst I didn’t completely finish my tote bag in the class, I’m looking forward to finishing it at the next beginners class which is about making a t-shirt!

Address: De Steek Amsterdam, Van der Hoopstraat 70HS, 1051 VK Amsterdam

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